Urban Space Utilization in Mombasa

Ochanda Valentine
Communicating Science
23rd April 2015

In urban planning, public space has historically been described as “open space”, meaning the streets, parks and recreation areas, plazas and other publicly owned and managed outdoor spaces, as opposed to the private domain of housing and work. The definition from a sociological perspective has been redefined, where a public space is rather any space accessible to the public.

Planning, also called urban planning or city and regional planning, is a dynamic profession that works to improve the welfare of people and their communities by creating more. Some urban space use within Mombasa island @ochanda convenient, equitable, healthful, efficient, and attractive places for present and future generations. Planning enables civic leaders, businesses, and citizens to play a meaningful role in creating communities that enrich people’s lives. Good planning helps create communities that offer better choices for where and how people live. Planning helps communities to envision their future. It helps them find the right balance of new development and essential services, environmental protection, and innovative change.

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