About Me

image4I am an environmental scientist passionate about science communication. This blog post is intended to create a forum for discussion on urban design, general planning, climate change and sustainability and conservation among other environmentally related subjects.  She has a master in planning with a focus  on the environmental considerations of designing and executing urban spaces. She has also studied  sustainable urban design climate change and the Reductions of emissions from deforestation and land degradation (REDD) Programmes at the University of Helsinki Finland.

Valentine is currently undertaking a multidisciplinary Ph.D. at the University of Witwatersrand Faculty of Engineering,  school of  Architecture and planning.  Within  the Institute of  global change and sustainability research institute (GCSRI).

Valentine’s  Current area of interest is the use of geographical information systems (GIS) in the designing and planning of coastal urban areas especially urban islands. Largely due to the perceived climate-related challenges especially the sea level rise and coastal flooding. As well as the enhancement of sustainable urban architectural  designs that are meant to be in tandem with the current energy demands and consumption in urban areas.

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