Monthly Archives: May 2015

Face of the Kenyan cities

I recently posted a blog on the urban space utilization in Mombasa and how the dynamics of climate-related changesĀ  is forcing humankind to reconsider the way they are planning and executing livable cities. Yes, I used the word livable. The important role of cities came up last month in Nairobi at a delegates session aimed at setting up the rules for the next years Habitat III conference slated for October 2016in Quito Equador, is the UN once in 20 years platform for nation states for formulate a global framework for urban policy. Staggeringly for such an event aimed at focussing on the future of cities failed to reach an agreement on allowing for local stakeholders participation. Continue reading Face of the Kenyan cities

Melting Antarctica! What this means

I will begin with an over idea, the Antarctica and the Greenland ice is melting faster than we can imagine. The Antarctica holds icy waters and of course nature creation and the bib bang theory, whichever you ascribe to made sure the continent was covered with ice. However according to scientists and environmentalists these ice sheets are melting. Many people have chosen to believe the idea while others generally known as climate deniers have vehemently denied it. Continue reading Melting Antarctica! What this means